Welcome to Mary B. Moorhead’s Elder Care Columns

Dear friends,

Welcome to my website! For the past 18 years, I have helped families solve their elder care challenges by resolving unexpected crises and developing long term care plans. From the very beginning of my work as a Geriatric Medical Social Worker, it was apparent that most families were unaware of the vast array of excellent programs, community services and resources that serve our nation’s elderly population. I started writing for newspapers with the goal of disseminating clearly written, accurate information from the point of view of a professional in the trenches. When examining any particular issue, I strive to get to the heart of matters quickly and offer you information that is understandable and useful.

On my web site, you will find a selection of my columns, links to my favorite elder care sites, my professional information, and a guestbook for your comments.

Enjoy the site and I invite your comments.