Preplanning Key to Hip Replacement

A holiday Hallelujah to you! Four weeks after hip replacement surgery, I feel much improved.

I shrieked a joyous whoop when I finished my anticoagulant medication. The treatment is mandatory to prevent post-surgery blot clots. It involves three weeks of shots, right into the belly. I still have two to three more weeks to worry about dislocating my new hip. I cannot sit on a regular toilet, bend to the floor, cross my legs or drive. My physical therapist explained, “You are waiting for the ligament that surrounds your new hip joint to heal. Ligaments heal slowly. Couch potatoes and athletes heal at the same rate, at about six to eight weeks.”

Although I do more each day, including walks and rehabilitation exercises in a pool, I still needs lots of help. If you undergo this arduous surgery, here are some tips.