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Name: mike shery
Location: Cary, IL
Let's swap links. Mine is

Name: Herry
You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work

Name: Judy Foley
Location: Dillon Beach, California
Mary, Mary Extraordinary,

Thank you for your wisdom,compassion, and valuable guidance. I have spent a fascinating hour reading the information on your website. What remark-able insights you share.

Name: Susan and Maury Penner
Location: Emeryville
It's great to see your writing and we can also recommend you as a speaker for anyone looking for presentations!

Name: mary carll
Location: vallejo,ca.
I am interest in this column because a very dear of mine has alzheimers

Name: jr
good work

Name: Paul Veisze
Location: Sacramento
Very informative site. Looking forward to learning more. Thank you for these important contributions to our community.

Name: Ilene M. Cummings
It is a pleasure to have worked with Mary Moorhead.

She is a great writer with a sharp and focused ability to see to the heart of things. I would not hesitate to recommend any of my clients to Mary for her eldercare skills/networking streams. Having been in practice for 28 years as a Human Development Consultant, I find it invaluable to have Mary Moorhead as someone I can count on for excellent feedback to any problem on eldercare issues.

Name: Susan
Location: San Jose
What a great and informative site. I love your varied columns! Will you write more on France?

Name: Barry Grosskopf, MD
Location: Seattle
Thank you for all the good work you do - for working to repair the world. And thank you for for supporting my book, "Forgive Your Parents, Heal Yourself."
Bless you.

Name: Paul Kleyman
Location: San Francisco
Mary Moorhead's column is among the very best being generated around the country by writers who are also practitioners in elder care. Not only do her column inform readers with sound advice and information about such subjects as coping with a spouse's unexpected illness or the emergence of the "Pioneer Network" to reform nursing homes, but also, she does do with the voice and verve of a friend one is glad to visit every week.

Name: Mildred Brown
Location: Oakland, CA
Mary, your website is so interesting and does its job very well. I enjoyed reading some of the columns you have posted and I wish I could attend a semester of seminars. Thank you for putting this together.

Name: Mary Benedict
Location: UCOP
Mary M.

You are such an insightful person and a wonderful writer! I'm glad you came to Toastmasters to hone your speaking style so that you can fascinate audiences orally, as well as in print.

Keep up the good work in spreading the word about older folks. Alas, we will all be there before we know it.

Mary B.